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Why choose us ?

When it comes to your big day, you want to make sure the vendors you hire are the ones for you and your dreams !

Here are a few reasons why we may be the right team for you :

Bride and Groom

1. Personalized experience

Each couple gets a fully customized service depending on their needs and requests. We are flexible on the number of meetings, phone calls and more ! 

2. attention to details

Our team is perfectionist, to say the least ! The details are everything to us. It's what brings the WOW factor to your day.

3. affordable prices

We want to keep our packages affordable to all. As we all know, everything adds up quickly, and hiring a planning and coordination team should not be impossible !

4. situation handling

Our team is trained to react to any situation and make important but quick decisions. Our goal : for you to not realized that any problems ever happened and felt any stress !

5. multitask

Coordinating a wedding is all about multitasking. This is what we do and what we are good at, and we love this !

6. communication

Communication is really important to us. Between our clients and us but not only. Communicating well with vendors is the key to a smooth and perfect day.

but more importantly ...

We LOVE what we do !

Wedding Gown
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