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 Why hire us and what do we do ? 


As wedding day coordinators, we first ensure the communication with all your vendors from the time we are hired. We coordinate the deliveries and help with the decoration setup. Then we welcome and guide your guests, and coordinate your ceremony as well as your reception. We will also prepare your final timeline and relay it to all concerned vendors before the big day. 


As wedding planners, we help with finding vendors, getting quotes and taking care of all your bookings. In addition of the Day Of Coordination. 


A wedding planner & coordinator also has a wide network, and is able to connect with local vendors according to your needs. 


Remember, your wedding day should be a dream ! Planning a wedding  can easily become overwhelming. And a dream isn't supposed to be stressful. We are here for you from the moment you hire us until after your big day !  


 When to hire your wedding planner / coordinator ?


As soon as you know you want to work with one. It's never too early. There's so many small and final details to a wedding day, that the more time we have to work together, the better !


 How much does it cost ?


Depending on your needs, we have different packages to offer (Please refer to the "P & C" page). We are trying to stay reasonably priced, so our fees are reflecting our hours working on your wedding. 


We also offer a 10% discount to all our clients towards our rentals and E-invites services. (Excl. string lights).


 Are you offering consultations ? 


Yes we do ! And it's free ! Over texts, phone call, zoom, or in person.

We think taking some time to talk together with our potential brides / couples is SO important.

A wedding planner & coordinator is about to take over your wedding planning, so the connection between us NEEDS to be present in order to be trusted and work well together  ! 

What languages do you speak ?

We provide our services in French, English & Spanish.